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Delivering Patient Care Capacity

An Introduction to SPDx

SPDx planned facility expansion

Executive Summary

SPDx is built as the solution to a significant problem in the healthcare industry: delivering patient care capacity.

We are leading the way in transforming the sterile processing business into a model where all stakeholders receive significant value. We can accomplish this by constructing and managing standalone sterile processing facilities that provide a more streamlined and consistent model. This model, designed to occupy approximately 10,000 square feet, can serve an entire region.

Problem Statement

The current landscape of ASCs (Ambulatory Surgical Centers) and hospitals presents a considerable challenge related to sterilization capacity. This issue stems from equipment downtime, employee absenteeism, and inefficient logistics. As a result, there is a significant delay and a decrease in the number of surgeries that can be completed.

Moreover, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers are facing issues related to their equipment utilization, which leads to a lower degree of sales.

The SPDx Solution

SPDx has devised a solution to these challenges. We build a sterilization factory that serves an entire market, being completely agnostic regarding where the surgery is performed or whose implant is used.

We are capable of sterilizing any items for any party, keeping it in a sterile environment, and delivering it to the correct location. This process guarantees that surgeries can proceed without delay, thereby boosting the operational efficiency and productivity of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) and hospitals.

Benefits to Stakeholders

This model benefits every stakeholder. ASCs can increase revenues and facilitate growth in the marketplace with new procedures. Patients can choose where they receive care in a safe, low-risk environment closer to home. Payers benefit from lower costs, and OEMs gain transparency into where their equipment and trays are.

Industry Shifts

By 2040, surgeries are expected to increasingly move to an outpatient basis. This shift will require infrastructure to support it. The projected growth of joint surgeries further underscores this need.

Our Sterilization Factory

Our Phoenix processing center is a state-of-the-art facility designed for factory-level efficiency in sterilization. It meets or exceeds every regulatory standard, both from a government perspective and from the OEM perspective on sterilization of equipment.

Market Potential

The total addressable market was $3.21 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 8.2%. The fastest-growing segment of this market is vendor trays. We aim to reduce the logistics and final mile cost, which currently stands at 4% of the total spend.

SPDx Business Plan

Our business plan involves expanding our model into any market that requires sterilization capacity. Our only limitation is funding. We’re currently open to investment to facilitate the opening of more facilities.

Management Team

Our management team has a wealth of experience in the field. Julius Heil (CEO) has over 30 years of experience building and scaling logistics businesses globally. Dick Winiker (General Manager) has spent 30 years in orthopedics, and Candace Schlicklin (Director of Clinical Operations) brings 17 years of experience in SPD management, along with 13 years as a surgical and SPD tech.

Expansion of Services

We aim to expand our services across different areas, starting with the ASCs, where the vendor trays are the most significant problem today. We also provide backup subscriptions to hospitals in case their sterilizer breaks down or their employees don’t show up.

Financial Projections

We project to generate $44.5 million in revenue over the next four years with six facilities fully operational and two under construction.

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