Delivering Patient Care Capacity

Sterile Processing Express (SPDx) uses a state of the art purpose built facility and follows all industry and manufacturer guidelines for processing, packaging, storage, and transportation of the instrumentation.

SPDx Grows ASC Revenue

Our Process

Our facility capacity coupled with an experienced leadership team and certified technicians unlock the revenue potential for our customers. We deliver sterile instrumentation to the facility the day prior to the case and pick up soiled instruments when the case finishes. Our information systems create the visibility needed to maximize planning and efficiency for the ASC staff and the vendors involved with the case.

Processing to IFU Standards

We have all of the machinery, processing time, and people needed to manage difficult IFU standards.

Sterile Vendor Trays Delivered Per Case

We deliver sterile instrumentation the day prior to the scheduled surgical event.

Contaminated Tray Pick Up Post Surgery

We retrieve instrumentation post surgery and return it to SPDx for processing.

Real Time Status Visibility

Our information systems give all of the participants a real time status view of scheduling and handling process.

The SPDx Guarantee

Our Quality

SPDx is guided by AAMI ST 79 standards and follows all IFU guidance from manufacturers. Our certified clinical teams committed to providing excellent patient care by delivering the highest quality processing and handling of devices in our care.

Experienced Leadership & Staff

FGI 2018 Standard Facility

AAMI ST79 Compliant

Sterilization capacity limits patient care choices

Sterile processing in the ASC environment present considerable challenges. Small department sizes, staffing constraints, and equipment downtime all contribute to capacity restraint that ultimately limits the number of patients that can be seen and the types of surgery available at the facility. An additional complication is the strain the OEM suppliers are facing as more surgical cases are trying to move to the ASC environment. That trend has created an number of inefficiencies in the supply chain and particularly for total joint surgery. Moreover, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers are facing issues related to their equipment utilization, which leads to a lower degree of sales.

SPDx is the solution

This model benefits every stakeholder. Facilities can increase revenues and facilitate growth in the marketplace with new procedures. Patients can choose where they receive care in a safe, low-risk environment closer to home. Payers benefit from lower costs, and OEMs gain transparency into where their equipment and trays are.

Representing over 90 years in SPD experience

Our Leadership

Julius Heil


Dick Winiker

General Manager

Candace Schlicklin, CSPM

Director, Clinical Operations

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